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Sixth Form options 2019-2021

Students in the Sixth Form study subjects from the following list:

Classical Civilisation
Maths and Further Maths
Computer Science
Maths and Further Maths AS
English Literature
Further Maths
Theatre Studies
Extended Project AS

Please choose your options from the list of subjects in the drop down boxes below. Please choose from either three or four option choices selecting 'No Option' in one block if you wish to only opt for three choices. This is perfectly legitimate and over 50% of students at Reading School complete three A Levels rather than four. A very small number of students who opt to study Maths and Further Maths in Block A also study subjects in each of the other blocks giving them 5 A Levels. This is only a sensible option if each of the 5 A-Levels studied is on track for an A* grade. There is very limited value studying five A-Levels if at least three of them are not awarded top grades. Over the last five years on average just 3% of students have completed 5 A-Levels. Please note, as per the Sixth Form Information Booklet, those wishing to study Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics in Block A, a GCSE grade 9 and a grade A in the FSMQ (Additional Maths - OCR 6993/01) is required.

Please choose your options from the list of subjects in the drop down boxes below:

Subjects to be taken at Reading School

Every effort will be made to offer the subjects listed in the option blocks. However, applicants are advised that if student numbers for a particular subject are low it may not be possible to run the course.

Personal Statement

Why are you applying to Reading School Sixth Form? Please include any enrichment, music or sporting activities that you participate in.

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How do you intend to use the qualifications obtained in the Sixth Form? What ideas do you have for future academic studies after Sixth Form and which careers interest you?

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I have read the Entry Criteria page in the Sixth Form Information Booklet and understand that I need at least a Grade 5 at GCSE in both English Language and Mathematics (or DfE Equivalency). I have read the Sixth Form Information Booklet and understand the minimum subject requirements.

I understand that any deliberate misinformation given on this form will mean that my application will not be accepted. I declare that the information given on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I will notify the School, in writing, of any changes. I understand that the School may take steps to verify the information given in this form, and that any misinformation given may result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place at a later date.

I understand that my predicted grades will be taken into consideration as part of the application process and that I will require a minimum of 54 points from my top 8 GCSE subjects

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Please note that if your details are not found in the database, the application will be rejected. The details on the database are taken from the School's Information System (SIMS) and is your legal forename and legal surname